Chiropractor, also known as chiropractic specialist helps diagnose and Deepakwork3
remedy your health problems, related to bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, or musculoskeletal system precisely. Health issues, associated with muscular, nervous, or skeletal systems, especially the spinal dysfunction, impair body’s normal functions, lowering its resistance to disease that may result in different conditions and illnesses.

A chiropractor is trained to work with spinal manipulation and such other techniques of musculoskeletal therapy in order to treat body ailments, for instance neck ache complaints and back pain. They may also use additional procedures such as acupuncture, massage therapy and ultrasound to help the patient get relieve of body aches. is orange county-based chiropractors providing chiropractic, acupuncture, NAET Allergy relief and other health care solutions for patients. It is believed that spinal and vertebral malfunction affects the nervous system and thus causes disturbance for many body function. Chiropractor in Orange County at Lotus Wellness Center are qualified and highly experienced to deal with all such musculoskeletal system problems.

Our Orange County Chiropractors trace patient’s difficulty by reviewing his or her medical history, listening to the patient’s concerns, and performing a physical examination to check for the involvement of musculoskeletal structures. They then provide natural, drugless and non-surgical treatments to adjust spinal column in order to re-align spinal subluxations and other joints through hands. Additional treatments such as applying heat or cold may also be employed to cure ache.

We Orange County Chiropractors at Lotus Wellness Center consider our patients’ health to be very important. Thus, we focus and work to improve patient’s overall health. In addition to chiropractic treatment, our orange county chiropractor experts also advise patients for exercise, body posture and sleep habits so that the ache does not occur again.

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