Foot, Ankle and Knee Injuries


Athletes and other sports enthusiast have to face foot, ankle and knee injuries on a regular basis. They might be the ones going through the problem regularly, but an average person could also have these issues. But what are they exactly? How are they caused? And what is the solution? You can learn about this by reading further.

Foot Injury

There can be many types of foot injuries from mild foot sprains to severe metatarsal fracture. If not detected and treated in time, it could lead to further aggravated injury that might even affect the foot’s mobility. Some of the most common problems are sprained ankle, broken ankle, lisfranc joint injury, plantar fasciitis and snowboarder’s ankle. Most injuries are related to the ligaments or tendons in the foot.


Acupuncturist Help for Foot Injury

Research shows that acupuncture can work where other medications and treatments fail, in case of a foot injury. Electrical stimulation of acu-points helps in increasing blood flow to the foot which rapidly heals the injury. The acupuncturist would first check the severity of the condition and then determine a course of action. Number of sessions and duration of one session would vary with different patients.


Ankle Injury

Ankle injury is also very common among sports enthusiast particularly, and average people too. Major reason for ankle injuries is a traumatic force to the ankle. Some other reasons could be arthritis, some type of infection or nerve compression etc. The injury might not be too severe but the pain can be excruciating. If not treated properly, it could lead to some sort of handicap.

Acupuncturist Help for Ankle Injury

Studies show that more than 75% of patients suffering from some sort of ankle injury, when treated with acupuncture, found marginal relief. When you visit an acupuncturist, s/he would first check the nature of injury and then devise a treatment plan accordingly. Some acupuncturists also use herbal soaks as they allow the pain medicine to directly reach the source of injury.


Knee Injury

Knee injuries are also very common among people of all ages. The regions of damage are ligaments and cartilage. Some of the most common knee injuries include anterior cruciate ligament tear, medial collateral ligament tear, knee sprain, meniscus tear, dislocated or fractured patella etc. Some knee injuries, especially among seniors are due to the wear and tear of the knee because of constant use. Arthritis can also cause significant knee injuries among older people.


Acupuncturist Help for Knee Injury

Like ankle and foot, knee injuries can also be cured with the help of acupuncture. Studies show that people, who consult an acupuncturist in case of a knee injury or arthritic knee pain, see visibly reduced levels of pain. The stiffness of the knee is also reduced and recovery chances are stronger as compared to ice massage or transcutaneous nerve stimulation. Reducing inflammation and increasing nerve conductivity through acupuncture will lead to a fast and safe recovery. When you go to an acupuncturist, they will check the extent of the injury and then treat it accordingly. The number of sessions and duration would depend on the severity of the knee injury.